Landscape and Urban Design

How Urban Design entered the scene?

Urban Design unconsciously stood between the lonely nomad and the possible tribal settlement. When first congregation gathered their shacks on one site, urban aspiration came to the surface. Primitive housing, their relationship, location and form stands for the first urban design. Structure, materials and design of their shelters stands for the first architecture. For many centuries elements of both have been tested through trial and error only. Many urban design principals were instinctive, drawn from basic needs for water, food and shelter. First habitats were probably better oriented, chosen and utilised then todays’ townships, and that is not only for the luck of choices of available land but also for the numbness of the environmental senses of ‘modern men’.


Seasons Estate Tarneit, Villawood

Tatterson Park Dandenong 

Mecene Urban Design director, Tatjana Medvedev, has extensive past and current experience in the Landscape and Urban Design in Australia for the last 14 years, through her past engagements in large engineering and urban design companies in capacity of Lead Urban Designer or Project Manager.