Mecene Urban Design director, Tatjana Medvedev, has extensive past and current experience in the development of new residential housing in Australia for the last 10 years, through her past engagements in large engineering and urban design companies in capacity of Lead Urban Designer or Project Manager.

We are highly skilled in the following areas:

  • Design Innovation in Masterplanning, Structure Planning, Spatial Planning
  • Land Development and Subdivision Design
  • Project Management and Project Development
  • Heritage Preservation & Research
  • Town Centres Design
  • Urban Renewal
  • Design Policies & Design Guidelines
  • Infrastructure Projects
  • Team Building & Leadership
  • Perspective Sketching and Project Visualization
  • Conference Presentation
  • Graphic Design and Marketing


Woodland Waters Whittlesea, Central Equity

Kingsford Point Cook, Peet

Highlands Hume, Stockland

Quarters, Cranbourne West, Peet

Rose Grange Tarneit, Dennis Family Corporation

Riverina Residential Estate Melton, Devine

Eden Brook Pakenham, Devine

Arena Estate Officer, AV Jennings

Lyndarum Residential Subdivision Whittlesea, AV Jennings

Kurrak Road Plenty, Nillumbik Shire Council,

 Rathwell Properties Central Road Clifton Springs

University Hill MD Subdivision “The Marq”

Berry Lane Mernda, Central Equity

Woodland Waters Whittlesea, Central Equity

Kingsford Point Cook, Peet

Highlands Hume, Stockland

Quarters, Cranbourne West, Peet

Rose Grange Tarneit, Dennis Family Corporation

Riverina Residential Estate Melton, Devine



Work on land development projects consist of participating in the search for the right land parcel, providing acquisition analysis and costing, preparation of the base plans, survey and engineering works to establish location and influencing parameters of the site. Development analysis calculation come very early into play to provide cost benefits, cash flow, profit projections and identify risks associated with future works. These data aim to align with best design practice, political sensitivities, and the inevitable social requirements of a project, with the overarching objective of increasing land values and profit margins while acting on behalf of the landowner or developer. Land value relies largely on supply and demand, build costs, planning permit expenses, developers contributions, environmental conservation relevant to the subject site and myriad of other influences that describe the local character.



Knowledge of Feng Shui can skilfully determine positive principals in choosing or designing your surroundings to best influence your happiness, health and prosperity.

History of building great ancient cities was based on some kind of preconceived wisdom of elders. Depending on geographic location and local beliefs similar conclusions have been made from different sources. In this case I will describe Feng Shui principals or as it is also describes as ‘invisible biology’.

For the lack of a better word all ancient urbanists, or emperor’s grand designers knew through spoken word, tradition and common sense to apply similar principals nowadays ‘lost in translation’.

“Feng Shui is art of placing dwellings in a most favourable way and location to best serve the owners and users of the dwelling, family home, business building, public square, sacral buildings, so it is in harmony with nature and everything that is surrounding it. Such desired location for it needs to have a good potential. Further, on the micro scale, we develop principals how to arrange house and different rooms throughout “1.

Energy or Ch’i is travelling through space, through nature as well as through house.  Earth on the other hand has its own energy grid or flow.  Such energy that was in Feng Shui described in the spiritual sense is since discovered and described by earth’s magnetic field 2.    

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Now, that we have described Earth Ch’i sometimes also called Host Ch’i because earth receives Heaven Ch’i whose light descends on earth. Earth Ch’i is very important to Feng Shui since it affects our dwellings and us.

  Ch’i as we now know has the tendency to move through space and also to get stuck. The nature of healthy Ch’i is to meander. To digress a bit according to share trading charts it follows the same healthy pattern a trend of growth and fall in meandering fashion.

 If we are talking about nature and assume   Ch’i   is a fresh wind breeze going through the forest, over the hill it is then travelling across and collecting particles of oxygenated fresh air and taking it down through the valley. Where there is a crevasse or a cave it gets stuck and is not so fresh after a while. In the same way man-made structures propel or stop passing of fresh Ch’i.

Poorly designed endless strait freeways are creating destructive Ch’i as it moves along strait lines and gathers speed unlike life affirming fresh breeze.

Inside large building hallways and long corridors we are creating damaging Ch’i.  All land development urban design activities can create in harmony with Feng Shui.

Summary of terms

There are five main Feng Shui considerations:   Ch’i   energy, alignment, the Earth’s magnetism, the eight compass directions, and the five elements.

 Ch’i is as much a part of the physical universe as the spiritual universe. Alignments direct the course of  Ch’i  flow. Forcing it to move in a straight line can change from sheng  Ch’i  to sha  Ch’i . 



1.                   Evelyn Lip Dr. Arch. And Feng Shui  Master

2.                   Ernst and Peter Neufert  Architects Data first edition published 1936 and it has been republished ever since making it most comprehensive architecture manual for entire world.

“Building biology geological effects

Stretched across the whole of the earth is so called ‘global net’ consisting of stationary waves, thought to be induced by sun. However, its regularity, according to Hartmann, is such that it suggests an earthly radiation which emanates from inside the earth and is effected by crystalline structure in the earth’s crust which orders it in such network. The network is oriented magnetically, in strips of about 200mm width, from the magnetic north to south poles. In the central Europe area these appear at a spacing of about 2.5m grid. Grid running east west is about 2m”. 


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