MECENE collaborated on land development projects where sloping land presented major obstacle for development. Such sites can be designed to accommodated for  following types of houses. All energy houses are designed with the end user in mind. Great solar aspect, energy efficiency and practical use of space will enrich future house owner’s experience and give them joy. 

Energy House 01 


RAUM architects created these architecturally designed houses with future residents in mind. Their innovative team of architects implemented star rating principals and great solar orientation to support prime real estate for this housing type. 

RAUM architects was voted TOP 10 Serbian Architects under 40 by an Italian magazine “New Italian Blood”.

This specially tailored, architecturally designed house is best suited for sloping sites.
The response is in the best orientation, setback and room allocation to embrace your sloping
For slopes where road is on the higher level, upper house level will be used as a day zone
incorporating arrival point and a garage, spacious living area and dining, kitchen and timber
deck. Lower house level mostly used as a night zone will include 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms,
and a wrapped around timber decking. The roof cover is well insulated metal cladding
including louvers to provide protection from overheating in summer months and provide
natural air flow and cross ventilation.

Street Access Sloping site


Energy House 02


Energy House 03