What is a Precinct Masterplan ?

A Precinct Masterplan provides the vision and supporting rationale for the physical development of an area today and in the future.  It recognises the distinct context and culture that make a precinct unique.  A Masterplan provides the framework to facilitate urban renewal projects.

Broad goals can be used to outline the masterplanning process. These goals and supporting objectives provide the measure for assessing Masterplan’s concepts and ideas.

A successful Masterplan will guide major change in land use, built form and public spaces that together can achieve economic, social and environmental objectives. It will deal with the physical form of a place, traffic, landscape and interface with the natural environment. The aim of preparing a Masterplan is to give effect to the policies and objectives set out and to successfully provide for new residential growth.

Importantly, once endorsed via a Planning Scheme Amendment, the Precinct Masterplan will become part of the strategic planning framework. It will be aimed to ensure that future development will occur in accordance with the values of the place and the people who use it.

Preparing a Masterplan requires a mix of specialised skills including urban design, architecture, market analysis and predictions, environment assessment, and town planning.