South Melbourne

Location   South Melbourne
Project Type   Structure Plan

South Melbourne Central Structure Plan

The Structure Plan was prepared in response to the State Government Strategy Melbourne 2030, which identifies South Melbourne as a Major Activity Centre.

The Structure Plan is a comprehensive study of the South Melbourne Central area. It was informed by an extensive process of community consultation and background research.
The Structure Plan identifies what is highly valued about SMC and provides recommendations on how to ensure that these elements are retained for the benefit of all.
At the same time, it examines how SMC can embrace opportunities for growth and change, and evolve as a vital inner urban area of the 21st century.
Importantly, it outlines strategies on how the pressure for development within the area can best be managed.
The Structure Plan includes guidance on the land use patterns, activities and environment of SMC, based around the six key themes.
It identifies thirteen precincts within the study area and makes specific recommendations on the land use and urban design of each.

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