Fisherman’s Bend Port Melbourne Infill Development

Medium Density Residential Blocks Research of more effective systems of urban dwelling development. This research considers how strategies in City Design overseas can have practical application in the Australian context, with am emphasis on economical use of space and preservation of natural resources.

Medium density mixed use residential building block M2 solution is organised around central courtyard with playgrounds and landscape while catering for half underground half above ground garage. Block is surrounded with 4 and 6 stories mixed use buildings which have commercial, retail, services or business on the ground floor, and 368 apartments in upper stories.

Under the central courtyard is the garage for 288 cars. Over the garage, 1,2 m raised, is the open space with playgrounds for children including active and passive recreation for the residents. Raised playground and surrounding area is landscaped and can include small parcels for communal gardens.

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