249-251 Williamstown Road Templestowe

Location   Templestowe, Victoria, Australia
Project Type   Apartment Design

Manningham City Council

MECENE Urban Design provided draft Architectural design and visualization for the property at 249-251 Williamstown Road Templestowe.
This two lot merger will utilize the unusual lot depth to deliver higher density development in line with occurring trend in the area.
Proposed Medium Density Residential development will comprise of the ground/basement car-park with 3 levels of apartments above.

Future approximately 18 apartments will utilize views and solar access via the assured setback. Large street setback will deliver greater entry feature with multi purpose outdoor room and gathering place and access to parkings and maintenance at the semi-basement level.  Great land slope will set the building mass into the existing sloping terrain providing for minimized obstruction of views over and around the building.

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