1455A Plenty Road, Mernda

Location   Plenty Road Mernda
Project Type   Local Activity Centre and Apartments


MECENE Urban Design and team of consultants provided Urban Design, Planning and Surveying Services for Mixed Use and Town Centre development in Plenty Road Mernda.
This largely sloping site presented hidden opportunity for number of future uses of this site. The clever use of rooftop gardens will firstly cover entire parking area as well as create link to the various levels of the site and vertical connection to the shopping lane-way.
Mernda Town Centre Comprehensive Development Plan proposes connectivity throughout all adjacent properties.

Our site response addresses all contour levels and all surrounding streets with appropriate interface.
Key design challenges within the project were in addressing through thread for cyclists and the linkages to the surrounding current and future developments. Nominated bike hub with bike paths and bike parking areas particularly attracts users of specialized services in this precinct.
All modes of transport such as disable chair, pedestrians, cyclists, buses and cars have been catered for inclusive of preserving comfortable visual and pedestrian environment through scale and shape of the built form.
Awnings and undercover walkways will protect from prevailing winds and elements.

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