OUR MISSION ‘Purpose, reason for being’

Our mission is to champion our team to grow personally, professionally, and as a group while providing best urban design and engaging latest environmental innovations.  Our mission is to continuously study, research and improve applied urban design as a world best practice.

OUR COMMITMENT  ‘What are we prepared to do?’

Our commitment is to our profession and our clients.

Our team consist of talented professionals so that we can provide the highest quality of service.

We will be proactive in helping our clients to increase their profit and net worth — since your success is also our success.

We will respect the confidentiality of our working relationship and we will act with integrity in everything we do for and with our clients.

We are committed to understanding client’s individual needs and tailor our services accordingly to help them become a leader in their industry.

We will communicate with clients frequently and openly to grow a long-term partnership.

We will provide client with competent and outstanding referrals to fulfil needs that fall outside our expertise.

We will honour our commitment to clients.

OUR CHARTER ‘What are our commitment objectives?’

To engage best urban design practice.

To ensure that urban design frameworks effectively support sustainable development management.

To identify significant environmental impacts that may occur as a result of development activities

To maintain and preserve biodiversity.


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Mecene Urban Design


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