We are a boutique urban design company offering personalised urban design advice and service.

Our areas of expertise lie in:

•Design innovation in Masterplanning
•Structure Planning
•Spatial Planning
•Land Development and Subdivision Design
•Project Management and Project Development
•Heritage Preservation & Research
•Town Centre Design
•Designs and Plans Compliant with Fengshui
•Urban Renewal
•Design Policies & Design Guidelines
•Infrastructure Projects
•Team Building & Leadership
•Perspective Sketching and Project Visualization
•Conference Presentation
•Graphic Design
•Organisation and Time Management

Urban Design Capability Statement

We play a creative urban design role in the design of new residential communities, and are involved on a variety of levels in projects from broad scale strategic master-planning to detailed design of single sites.

In conjunction with our partners we provide a variety of skills and expertise, so that an integrated and site-responsive design outcome can be reached.

Our design approach is to create a quality residential outcome that find balance between the various competing interests, to provide the best outcome for all concerned.